Restaurant and Hospitality

Encore Law Group provides comprehensive legal counsel and support tailored to serve restaurateurs, chefs, and hospitality entrepreneurs and service professionals. We understand the legal challenges that may emerge at any part of your journey. Whether you’re an aspiring chef with a vision, an experienced restaurateur, or a burgeoning hospitality startup, our team can help guide you through every stage of your process.

Key Services and Expertise:

  • Business Formation: Legal structures can influence permits, licensing and operations. Choosing the right business entity is a key step in navigating and complying with local regulations.
  • Real Estate and Leasing: Securing the right location is crucial for any dining or hospitality venture. Encore can help negotiate favorable lease terms and other property transactions, including construction and design, and help you address zoning and land use issues.
  • Transactional Support: From supplier contracts to employment agreements, we negotiate and draft the contracts you need to run your business.
  • Employment and Labor Law: All too often restaurants and hotels face labor challenges. We provide support on all manner of HR issues, including wage and hour compliance, employee benefits, investigations and dispute resolution.
  • Intellectual Property: When you sell an experience, your brand and goodwill are essential. Encore handles both registration and protection of trademark, copyrights and trade secrets.
  • Litigation and Dispute Resolution: When disputes arise, our team offers skilled counsel, advocacy and dispute resolution services, seeking favorable outcomes while minimizing disruption to your business.
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