Corporate and Finance

Corporate transactions and finance are the heart of every business. Encore Law Group’s team of seasoned attorneys understands that these matters go beyond mere technicalities; they are the very foundation of success. We offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to fuel your business.

Key Services and Expertise:

  • Corporate, Finance & Securities: We provide strategic guidance and legal expertise in capital finance transactions, with particular expertise in private placements and state and federal securities regulatory compliance. From angel investments through advanced rounds of financing, we can guide you through multiple offering types, including SAFEs, convertible promissory notes and preferred stock.
  • Corporate Structuring & Operations: Structure is the foundation of any business. We help you choose the right legal entity and develop effective corporate governance strategies to optimize operational efficiency. We tailor solutions to meet your business needs.
  • Contract Formation: Crafting legally sound, robust contracts is essential for any business. Encore’s attorneys are highly skilled in negotiating, drafting and reviewing contracts that will protect your interests while fostering successful business relationships. We have decades of experience doing deals in various industries.
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